Our Mission

- Improve the profile, appeal & standard of UK Volleyball

- Provide a safe, fun and healthy environment in which our members can play Volleyball

- Offer to Juniors the opportunity to learn, develop and enjoy Volleyball

- Provide opportunities for personal development to members of our Community

What We HAve Achieved

Malory Eagles Volleyball Club was formed in 2009 by the merger of White Eagles Volleyball Club and Malory Volleyball Club. The clubs had been playing volleyball since the mid 1970’s and were well known in London and throughout UK Volleyball.

We are based in Southwest London and have training venues around Tooting. As well as being the most successful, we aim to be the best Volleyball Club in the UK, both on and off the court. 

* Over 250 players and a few non-playing buddies and administrators.

* Eight teams training across Southwest    London throughout the week

* Three men and four ladies teams across various divisions from Super 8, National League, Premiership, London League Div 1 down to London League Div 2.

*Junior Teams have strong presence at their championships, support our National League Team; and also compete on their own, at London League Div 2.

* Merchandise: branded hoodies and t-shirts